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About the owner


My name is Adrienne Martinez. I am a wife and mother to two crazy, emotional and loving kids. I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I left high school thinking about the idea of starting my own magazine, but I had no clue how to even get there. After a few changes in majors, I finally found my passion in graphic design and earned my B.A. in communication design.

After 10 years in the magazine business, I decided to take a chance.  I am thrilled to finally be in this moment right now. I have dreamed of this day and after years of planning, kids, delays and just life in general, I am ready to make the leap. Yes, it’s a scary leap, but if I don’t take this leap now, then when? I don’t want to look back and regret the unknown and wonder, “What if?”

I’m bringing you on this journey with me, and I welcome any and all feedback on what you want to see in one of our future issues. The idea of starting a women’s magazine in Fort Worth developed right out the gate with my first job. I loved the idea of showcasing a woman each month within our very own city and telling her story.

I feel like unless you are part of that inner circle, organization or just really good friends with the person, you never get to know all these amazing and fabulous women we have in our community. So I’d like to introduce One to Know Magazine. I want this to be the voice and platform for all the women in our wonderful city of Fort Worth and share their journeys and stories with you.

Her words. Her journey. Her story. Let’s celebrate the women of today and inspire the women of tomorrow.

About the MAGAZINE

Her Words. Her Journey. Her Story.

One to Know Magazine will be a bi-monthly publication. We want to showcase a woman of Fort Worth each issue who is inspiring and empowering others in our community in her own special way. These small business owners, local artists, company CEOs and teachers, just to name a few, are leading the way for future generations, and it’s our mission to recognize and share their accomplishments and stories. The journey of how each woman got to where she is today is the story we hope to tell. We want our stories about these amazing women to help inspire and motivate you because let’s face it: we all need a little inspiration and encouragement sometimes.

Does this sound like someone you know?

We’d love to hear about her.

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other content

What you will also find in our magazine

We want to speak to every woman through our content. We also want to inspire you, share useful and helpful tips, offer great advice and spread more knowledge in women-focused areas. Below are sections you will find in each of our issues. 


Whether she shines in the “fine arts” or “sports” category, to name a few, we want to showcase and share her talent.

Her voice

Not only will we write about topics such as inner obstacles, lessons learned, her favorite memory, just to name a few. Our readers will also have a chance to submit their writings on each topic. 


Here you’ll find the next book WORTH reading, app WORTH downloading, place WORTH trying/visiting or something WORTH doing.

short stories

Who doesn’t love a fun short read. Let’s take a break from reality and put a little mystery, humor and entertainment back in our lives.


From home life, work life, social life and so much more. This section is guaranteed to be filled with a variety of amazing topics. 


Here you will find local businesses that cater to women or are run by women. We want to support their business by letting our readers know what cool finds they can purchase in these shops.  


Whether it’s a woman-based, started, focused, or run organization/charity, we want to help bring more attention to their cause.


Covering topics related to women involving mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness.

First issue countdown

Coming This Fall 2021

Until then, we want you to come on this exciting journey with us.

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