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Bath and body products made by a Chicana entrepreneur with a focus on purity and cleanliness.

Pure & Clean Bath and Body Essentials

Precious oils are meticulously extracted from the seeds of the Nopal cactus’ fruit, then blended with various natural butters, delivering a hydrated cleanse and long-lasting body moisture for the user. Staying true to tradition, the company utilizes every part of the cactus, including the outer skin of nopales, to enhance skin texture to the highest degree.


Revitalize Your Routine

With offerings ranging from the body moisture-balancing Cactus Bar Soap to the invigorating Cactus Flower Exfoliant, the company’s objective is to elevate one’s daily regimen into a more vibrant and enriching body care experience.

Sandra Velasquez


The passion I have for my Mexican heritage extends far beyond the walls of Beauty. It’s more potent than the smoky aroma of Copal that sweeps the artisanal mercados of Tapalpa. My pride is loud, colorful, and omnipresent in everything.

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Embracing Mexican Heritage and Resilience

As a Latina-owned brand, Nopalera’s mission is to celebrate the richness of Mexican heritage and the resilience of its customer community. They view their customers as embodiments of their vibrant culture and as reminders of the natural beauty and strength inherent to their native land.

Why We’re Passionate About Supporting This Women-Owned Business

Celebrating Mexican Heritage

We support Nopalera because it lets us celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Nopalera’s products are deeply rooted in Mexican traditions and ingredients, offering a meaningful connection to this vibrant culture.

Empowering Latina Entrepreneurs

Nopalera is a Latina-owned brand, and we believe in supporting women entrepreneurs. When we support Nopalera, we help empower Latina business owners.

Natural + Sustainable Beauty

Nopalera’s commitment to using natural ingredients aligns with our values. Their dedication to creating effective, environmentally-friendly bath and body products is something we admire.

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