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Redefining Purposeful Fashion at mavis by herrera

The finest luxury handbags, ethically made

Mavis by Herrera embraces the belief that sustainability represents the pinnacle of luxury. The brand proudly presents its collection of bags designed to combat the issues of fashion and plastic pollution. Through a zero-waste and slow fashion approach, each bag emerges as a powerful statement against waste, thereby contributing positively to the planet.


Crafting Sustainability

These bags are carefully made by hand, without the use of machines, to capture the true spirit of craftsmanship. Mavis by Herrera is committed to giving a second life to materials that would otherwise harm the environment, by using recycled plastic and repurposed leather.

Social Impact Initiatives

The brand’s mission extends beyond fashion. Mavis by Herrera is committed to empowering women through entrepreneurship in developing countries, offering them opportunities to thrive and succeed. Additionally, they advocate for children in need, extending a helping hand to those deserving of a brighter future.

Why We’re Passionate About Supporting This Women-Owned Business

Sustainability and Purpose

Mavis by Herrera is reshaping fashion while actively fighting against fashion and plastic pollution, in harmony with our values and the worldwide concern for environmental preservation

Zero-Waste + Slow Fashion

We appreciate their zero-waste and slow fashion approach, which demonstrates a commitment to reducing waste and producing quality, enduring products.

Empowering Women

We are drawn to their mission of empowering women through entrepreneurship in developing countries, echoing our commitment to businesses that create a positive impact on women’s lives.

Handcrafted with Care

The brand’s dedication to meticulous, handcrafted workmanship demonstrates a commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship and ensuring the highest quality of products.



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