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Sustainable Intentional Fashion

Tiffany Ortez Parish creates sustainable, one-of-a-kind wearable art out of forgotten heirlooms.

By Jill Bold
Photos by Brooks Burris

When Tiffany Ortez Parish entered the lavish home belonging to a late American Airlines pilot and his wife, she knew she was stepping into a time capsule, exploring the opulent residence suited for entertaining in the 1960s and 1970s. She discovered family heirlooms — textiles and gowns from the 1920s and 1930s — lovingly preserved and meticulously cataloged by the wife who kept a record of everything.

“When it comes to vintage, for me, it’s the older the better,” she says. “That’s what gets me extremely excited.”

Tiffany owns and operates the vintage shop Honeysuckle Rose Vintage in Fort Worth and the sustainable clothing line Lovey Dovies, and her passion for vintage and the namesake for that sustainable clothing line originates from her mentors — grandmother Hazel and mother Dovi. 

She spent her childhood tagging along with them, waking at 4 a.m. to sleep on the floor bed of a loaded car on the way to the flea market. She would help her family set up their booth of antique and vintage merchandise, occasionally breaking away from their booth throughout the day to shop around. Here she would learn the value of a dollar, practice her hustle and appreciate the time she had with her family.

Many years later, she and her sister, Amber, collaborated with their mother to curate forgotten textiles and transform them into fashion.

“We take our time, scavenger-hunting cities throughout Texas, as well as on our travels out of state, to find the best vintage and heirloom textiles that have long been forgotten,” Tiffany says.

She sees many people get rid of their table linens, passed-down quilts or afghans when they clean them out of their homes. They end up at donation centers and sometimes on the curb, discarded as trash. Dovi, Tiffany and Amber are not afraid to rescue these treasures — slow-stitched quilts and patchwork, crocheted afghans, fine lace and embroidered table linens, handmade long ago. 

“Each one tells a story of wisdom and love,” Tiffany says. “Lovey Dovies’ mission is to rescue those rapidly vanishing forgotten textiles and repurpose them into sustainable clothing that we like to call ‘wearable art.’” 

Tiffany practices sustainability in all areas of her life, especially when it comes to her businesses. Lovey Dovies only utilizes recycled materials, including the threading, buttons and zippers. All materials can be sourced from flea markets, garage sales and estate sales, so buying new is not necessary. If they can’t find materials for a project, then it is shelved until everything is available. Creating pieces in small batches means Lovey Dovies is considered a slow-fashion brand which helps reduce their carbon footprint.

Tiffany lovingly describes Lovey Dovies’ designs as “feminine, structured, free-flowing and inspired by vintage folk art and a time when people lived slowly with intention.” The clothing is designed to evoke the wearer’s confidence and allow them to stand out in a crowd.

“Clothing can give you the confidence you need to take on the day,” Tiffany says. “That’s what it does for me. Whether you want to dress down or dress up, do it with style and intention.” 

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