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Community Over Crystals

Eli and Malia Hill converge their love of crystals and community into a welcoming online space.

By Jill Bold
Photo by Jessica Sherrell

The gentle tones of Eli and Malia’s voices match the soothing vibes of the crystals they showcase on Crystal Collaborative’s Instagram Live on a typical Tuesday evening. An interactive audience takes turns expressing in the comments their admiration and desire for the glistening stones and creatively carved crystals. “There are a lot of people that love crystals just because they’re pretty,” Malia says.

She acknowledges that people can have misconceptions about the power of crystals.

“I think a lot of people’s perception of crystals and things like that is, it’s super ‘woowoo,’” she says. She hopes their educational social media and livestreams will help evolve people’s ideas about what crystals can do.

Malia explained that crystals do not possess magical attributes, nor will they solve any problems for anyone. Crystals harness an energy that has existed on earth for millions of years, and they can help someone unlock what already exists within them.

For Malia, understanding crystals and crystal energies provides a tangible way for her to get to know herself. 

Crystal Collaborative’s holistically organic and down-to-earth mission facilitates an authentic and comfortable environment that customers — over 8,000 followers on its Instagram — are drawn to. Its mission promotes inclusivity and education. Over and over, its audience communicates that they appreciate the ability to ask questions in a judgment-free environment. “Whether you have a collection worth millions of dollars or you have a collection of three tumblers, come here,” Eli says. 

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