She Dares

Yanira Borges and the power of authenticity

By Erin Ratigan

When Yanira Borges speaks to a crowd, she does it imperfectly. “My name is Yanira, pronounced like ‘Ya need a’ cup of coffee?” She makes the Italian hand gesture known as a finger purse, laughs and flips her untamed brown hair. Her style of leadership is one of authenticity, not polish and pantsuits. This flows into her verbiage — her voice sounds casual and unrehearsed. She stumbles. She might mention how flustered she is from getting stuck in traffic on her way there or how ready she is for the weekend. But her candor doesn’t come from a place of insecurity. Quite the opposite; she does it to encourage everyone to be themselves. After all, that is what her organization is all about: daring to be true to yourself.

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